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Software development and consultancy services in a wide variety of languages and platforms including real-time and embedded systems in the UK and Ireland
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Consultancy & Development

RTD offers a diverse range of consultancy and development services providing quality products that are robust and in strict accordance with client specification.

We have an excellent track record of successfully completing projects. Clients include leading names from the semiconductor, telecommunications and defence industries.

Software Development

RTD provides expertise in system specification, structured design methods and efficient implementation mainly using C/C++ and assembly language. Systems are thoroughly tested before release to ensure that they meet the specification.

Multi-Platform Development

RTD develops software for embedded systems using processors from Texas Instruments, Motorola, AT&T and other manufacturers. Systems targeted to UNIX, DOS, Windows and networks are also supported.

Real Time Systems

Systems developed by RTD are designed for efficiency and reliability. Robust and efficient methods of coding are used to ensure that the software is suitable for the most demanding real-time applications such as secure, high-speed voice and data communications.

Software Updating

Many firms have 'legacy' software written for mini-computers or other platforms which are now obsolete or uneconomical to support. RTD can port such software to modern platforms with user interfaces.


RTD has a wealth of experience in speech processing, data communications and DSP systems. Many projects have been completed for telecommunications products which are compliant with international standards.

System Software

RTD develops device drivers and other system software for UNIX, DOS and Windows along with low-level networking software.


Some Past Projects

We take special pride in the quality of its work and its attention to customer satisfaction. Here is a sample cross section of our past projects. All projects are tailor made to client specification. Use our handy contact form or mail us to find out more how we can help provide a solution to your needs.

Newbridge Comcare

RTD designed and developed core software for the Central Response Station of Comcare's FOCUS care-alarm system. The system was based on a UNIX PC containing an AT&T DSP chip and networked to a number of Sun workstations.


Ensigma were developing a part of a feature telephone system to enable secure transmission of voice and data with full error correction. RTD designed and developed the software for the central control module which interfaced to a number of synchronous and asynchronous channels and a Texas Instruments DSP processor.


RTD developed the test vectors for implementations of the Voice Activity Detector for the Enhanced Full Rate GSM standard. This included development of test software with flexible reporting capability.


RTD developed a DSP system to increase the near-range accuracy of Marconi Underwater Systems' hydrographic side-scan sonar system.


Telsis wished to move their OpenLAN prime-rate telephony interface from DOS to UNIX. RTD designed and developed a fast and secure networked system which was compatible with all the older systems and provided capabilities for further development.


Appleyards Chartered Surveyors required a networking system which would allow secure transfer of data within their main site and between two remote sites. RTD specified and installed the entire network, provided some management software and carried out staff training.